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Since 20.08.2010 we have a certificate of Reliable Company, which is a special confirmation of our reliability and timely payment of liabilities.


We offer a wide range of professional preparations for industrial water treatment and conditioning.

If you are interested in our products, please do not hesustage to contact with us, we will prepare solution for You.

Under the current rules proposed by us all preoducts have the required approvals and certificates of PZH and the permission of the Ministry of Health Below we present only part of our offers

  1. To drinking water:
  2. To the boiler water:
  3. For heating water:
  4. For water cooling:
  5. 5. Biocid:
  6. Anti-freezing:
  7. 7. Anti-foaming:
  8. Neutralizing:
  9. Means for the dissolution of lime and rust:
  10. Cleaners:
  11. For integrated membrane (antyskalant):
  12. Koagulants: